Looking for an interesting read?

Freakonomics: by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

This short novel discuss’ the topics regards very interesting topics. Questions that are asked in the book are.

“What’s more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool for children?”

“Does having books in a home make a child more intelligent, compared to a child who grew up watching tv?”

“Why do drug dealers still live with their moms?”

Some of these questions are simple to answer but the authors go into detail. Drug dealers live with their parents still because only a small percentage of drug dealers make a high percentage of the money. This book asks multiple questions that make your brain think in different ways than your norm.


Money Challenge

I found this money challenge and it is awesome! Obviously this not a huge amount of money, but if it fits you then that’s great! If not, start at a higher amount and use a different increment than just an additional dollar.

I challenge you to do this in two separate accounts (Savings/Roth, or any retirement account) if the funds are there.

Here’s the link to the challenge:¬†https://www.affinityplus.org/Portals/0/Documents/Blog/52Week.pdf

Here for a reason

I’ve had this blog and twitter account for roughly a month now. It’s very exciting to see this account grow and to interact with all of you new people. Connections really do make this world go around. As for now, I wish to expand this account even further. I also want my campaign to see some growth in which I can publish a website to inform/help others.

I’ve created this twitter account to inform people on daily “lessons” if you wish, and to also expand my knowledge. I appreciate everyone who has followed me thus far and I wish you all the best.


The Insight

Legendary Status

Bandwagon, right? Growing up I was a Duke fan and I always will be. The game today was difficult to watch but somehow the men overcame their deficit and won the game for Coach K. Very cool to witness that game as well as to see him reach his 1,000 win! What he has done for the game is remarkable.

Awesome tweet by former player JJ Redick “Way to go, Coach! You are a LEGEND. So proud to have been a small part of this huge achievement.

Coach K, you are a LEGEND.

Value of Super Bowl Commercials

According to this article, a Super Bowl commercial is worth 10 million dollars. Surprisingly, the article says that there were approximately 112 million live viewers. With that number being said, sure, I would say that the value of a commercial could be worth millions.

It is officially game-time for the Packers and the Seahawks and I am looking forward to the Super Bowl just as most of us are. Each year the number of viewers are increasing and I predicate the number to continue to rise, which is why the dollar figure for commercials is outrageous.


“Four Reasons to Not Invest in Your 401(k)”

Four Reasons to Not Invest in Your 401(k)

Very valid reasonings to not invest all your money into a 401(k). Look into all of your options before investing any of your money. The more prepared and aware you are, the better position you will have in the end.



Earlier today I went to a casino with one of my buddies. Sure, it’s never a good idea to go to a casino because you’re destined to lose. It is sad to witness people who are addicted to such a system of losing (the casino). I can see as to why people may love the high adrenaline rush but why not invest or save your money in other accounts/stocks rather than a game.

I went today to watch a friend play some games and I played a few hands as well. I’m not saying never go but be careful when going.

Invest in a Roth rather than a slot system. Be smart with your money and good things are bound to happen.

Entrepreneur Mind

Quote I just found, “The biggest difference between entrepreneurs and your average businessperson isn’t who they are, it’s the ways they think. And some of them might surprise you.”

Anyone can be brilliant, and we all truly are. Find that one thing you’re passionate about and exploit your talents. Never believe that you cannot achieve something. Have the courage and attitude to overcome any obstacle.

Be alive when you’re alive

Live everyday as it is your last. One never knows when their time will end, so why not live your life in a happy mindset. Hold the door for others, smile to random people, be a leader, and a motivator.

Always remember that someone might be is struggling even though they are¬†smiling. There’s that one person who has it worse than you. As much as we are breathing, that does not show that we are actually living. Be alive, show people who you are and who you can become. Be grateful. Enjoy everyday as if it is your last.

Take the time to understand how great this man was. Rest in peace Stuart Scott. You will forever be remembered.